Best 5 Transcribing Apps for Android in 2023

Tired of writing big assignments, articles, or any text? How great would that be if you could speak and someone will write it for you? Here comes the concept of transcribing audio to text. For such cases, you will need transcribing apps for android.

These transcribing apps work on the principle of artificial intelligence. It will write what you say on its own. These apps provide you with an easy-to-use and editable editor. They support multiple languages. Try on these transcribing apps and get free of writing.

List of Best Top Apps

Notta – Dictation & Transcription & Audio to text

File size

100 K+

About App

Notta catches the minutes that matter, interviews, gatherings, talks, and every day reminders. Effectively translate voice to editable, accessible and sharable text that liberates your psyche. Begin recording and live translating from your telephone, whenever, anyplace.

Features –
  • AI voice record
  • Live interpret your voice while talking
  • Drag in sound documents (wav, mp3, m4a, caf, aiff are upheld) for translating in minutes
  • Easy-to-utilize content tool

Voice to text

File size

500 K+

About App

Voice to message is a basic discourse to message application, that gives ceaseless and limitless discourse recognition. Voice to message application is the most effortless way of composing your voice messages to message.

Features –
  • Change language
  • Create text notes, email, sms, sns by discourse acknowledgment
  • No cutoff points on the size/length of note made
  • Custom console upheld

Audio to text (speech recognition)

File size

100 K+

About App

The application Audio record to text is intended to perceive sound documents with human discourse to message (discourse to message). The application isn’t yet planned for recording discourse (utilize different applications for this, for instance, a standard voice recorder).

Features –
  • Recognition of short sound accounts (as long as 1 brief)
  • Recognition of long sound accounts (longer than 1 moment)
  • It upholds acknowledgment from most sound configurations – MP3, OGG (creation Codec), AAC, MPEG, AMR, WAV, M4A, FLAC and others. Be that as it may, we suggest utilizing .FLAC
  • Recognition support from 120 dialects

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Otter: Meeting Note, Transcription, Voice Recorder

File size

1 M+

About App

Otter is the place where discussions reside. It records and takes meeting notes for you continuously, so you can remain fixed on the discussion and have confidence that data, activities, participants are caught, effectively accessible, and shareable with your group. Additionally accessible online at . 600 minutes free each month.

Features –
  • Take meeting notes naturally
  • Share meeting minutes and outline with colleagues to keep everybody in a state of harmony
  • Invite associates to alter and feature meeting notes
  • Record and interpret interviews, addresses, digital broadcasts, recordings, online courses, featured discussions

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Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications

Varies with device
File size

100 M+

About App

Live Transcribe has another name—Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications. It’s an application that makes regular discussions and encompassing sounds more open among individuals who are hard of hearing and deaf, utilizing only your Android telephone.

Features –
  • Transcribes continuously. Message shows up on your telephone as words are verbally expressed.
  • Accurately catches the subtleties of how words are utilized in setting.
  • Choose from more than 80 dialects and vernaculars, and right away switch between two dialects.
  • Add custom words that you use oftentimes, similar to names or family things.

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How to Install an Application from Bestopapps?

  • Choose the best application from the list.
  • Click “Download” in the application you have chosen.
  • This will redirect to a third-party website, where the application is listed, such as the google play store. Click on “Install“.
  • This will start downloading the application. After downloading the application, you can click on “Open” or “Play” to run the application.

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