[Latest] Top 7 Tower Defense Games for Android in 2023 – 3D Strategy Game

Tower defense (TD) is a subgenre of strategy games. Here, the goal is to defend a player’s territories or possessions by obstructing the enemy attackers. You may also have to stop the enemies from reaching the exits. This is usually achieved by placing defensive structures on or along their path of attack. There are a variety of tower defense games to play.

Use the strategy to defend the kingdom and crush the forces of evil. Get a fun storyline, many exciting levels, modules, towers, and more. With a vast amount of modular elements, give your tower additional unique effects. Put your defense and strategic skills to the ultimate test.

List of Best Top Apps

Sci Fi Tower Defense Offline Games. Module TD

File size

1 M+

About App

Play this best pinnacle guard technique game with a great storyline, 80 energizing levels, modules, towers, and the sky is the limit from there. The TD game disconnected provisions perhaps the most captivating storyline and adaptable td safeguard methodology among comparable protection games.

Features –
  • 80+ levels
  • Customize pinnacles to accommodate your essential arrangement
  • Plan your activities cautiously and adjust to the steadily changing war zone as the level change itself during the fight
  • Vast measure of particular components that can give your pinnacle extra interesting impacts like pay or sprinkle or basic strike.
  • Find extreme guard combos as Modules can enhance each other’s presentation
  • Enemies have extraordinary capacities that can devastatingly affect your protections

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Defense Zone 3 HD

File size

5 M+

About App

Welcome to the hotly anticipated continuation of the famous activity/technique game! New weapons, scenes, and alternatives aplenty! Each game meeting is even more powerful and stunning.

Features –
  • Four trouble levels
  • Eight sorts of turrets
  • Eight unique capacities, from Air Strikes to Nuclear Bombs
  • Varied seasons and kinds of scenes
  • Support for more than 20 dialects

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Fantasy Tower Defense. TD Offline Games no wifi.

File size

100 K+

About App

Help to safeguard the Kingdom against many critters assaulting the palace! Incredible designs and style in the Fantasy class! Test yourself in tower safeguard disconnected as an authority, give commendable repel to the adversary!

Features –
  • 54 levels with various beginning conditions and relative trouble
  • 11 kinds of foes with exceptional capacities
  • Flying and ground units
  • 5 pinnacle overhaul branches
  • 54 sorts of pinnacles with individual advancement of each
  • 6 palace update types
  • Challenging equilibrium

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Alien Creeps TD – Epic tower defense

File size

10 M+

About App

Outsider Creeps TD is the pinnacle protection game that has everything: excited activity fights! Swarms of naughty adversaries! Lightning bolts! Helicopters! Blasts! also, substantially more.

Features –
  • 50 hazardous levels
  • Defend the Earth with exciting allowed to play tower guard activity
  • Rise to the test and ideal your system with 3 exciting game modes
  • Deploy your saints and infantry across an assortment of requesting landscapes
  • Devise a definitive safeguard with a variety of obliterating towers
  • Unlock incredible new pinnacles and capacities to help your protection

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Toy Defense – TD Strategy

File size

1 M+

About App

Put your safeguard and vital abilities to a definitive test in the new Tournament Mode of this habit-forming military pinnacle protection game! Set your pinnacles in motion and shield the base from the ceaseless floods of foes as you rival your companions in week by week tower safeguard competitions!

Features –
  • Recreated World War I climate
  • Over 90 exciting pinnacle safeguard war missions in an assortment of universes
  • 4 generally precise weapons with 24 updates
  • Joint missions with your companions in the new Cooperative Mode!
  • Battles with 9 unique foes
  • All universes are accessible on the double and with no extra charges
  • Facebook and Twitter joining

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Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games

File size

1 M+

About App

In case you are a devotee of pinnacle guard games free and procedure games, Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games is an absolute necessity have habit-forming game that can’t be missed in your ‘testing games’ envelope.

Features –
  • Fantasy Story: The beginning of Empire Warriors Premium is on Ioria, a dream landmass, where Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc and other amazing animals live respectively
  • Cool Tactical TD Game In A Magical Fantasy World
  • Build, Battle, Defend: Perform your magnificent procedure in this strategic TD game with 4 new particular palaces
  • Complex And Addictive Gameplay: Various methods of ongoing interaction in this dream TD game, from least demanding to hardest, other than the mission missions, the player likewise can partake in the endless difficulties in unending mode
  • Endless Action Tactical TD Game: Control strong legend saints: presently you can choose and control 3 saints all at once to secure the realm in any mission!

Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense Game

File size

10 M+

About App

Utilize the methodology to protect the realm and smash the powers of evil with a tremendous munititions stockpile of pinnacles and spells at your order! Order the mightiest legends and lead the best armed force in Linirea to triumph in this remarkable TD game that will keep you snared for quite a long time!

Features –
  • PLAN YOUR STRATEGY! Pick among totally different pinnacle styles
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR ARMY’S POWER with 18 pinnacle special capacities
  • 12 MIGHTY HEROES to who will assist with driving your soldiers to triumph!
  • COMMAND YOUR ARMY right into it and watch them participate close by to-hand animation battle!
  • OVER 50 UNIQUE ENEMIES from Goblins to Demons each with their own extraordinary properties! dream TD at its best!
  • MORE THAN 60 ACHIEVEMENTS with easter eggs to find and difficulties to survive!
  • EXTRA GAME MODES that will stretch your techniques to the edge!

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