Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 – Fever on!

    The Star Wars franchise has had some great games come over the years. There have been many games that have taken place in the Star Wars universe. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise and looking for the best Star Wars games on Android, you have come to the right place. We have got a good list of all the top Star Wars games.

    Construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters. Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic holo games in a far-off cantina. Leverage your surroundings as cover and engage in intense Blaster Battles to drive back the relentless First Order and emerge victoriously.

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    Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 - Fever on!

    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    File size

    50 M+

    About App

    Experience your Star Wars™ dreams as you battle with your number one dim and light side legends across notorious areas to become expert of the cosmic system. Make and tweak the fantasy crew utilizing characters from each time, including new characters from Star Wars™.

    Features –
    • CREATE THE ULTIMATE TEAM: Rebel pioneers? Realm stalwarts? It’s your decision as you develop world class light and clouded side groups while gathering legends and different characters from the Star Wars™ universe
    • BECOME MASTER OF THE GALAXY: Defeat rivals and ascend to the top as you overwhelm the galactic hologames in a distant saloon
    • PLAY WITH POWERFUL CHAMPIONS: Make keen, strategic choices and outfit your saints with a definitive stuff to improve their harm in galactic conflict
    • ENGAGE IN EPIC SHIP BATTLES; Collect notorious starships and huge Capital Ships to build your conflict armadas
    • RISE TO THE TOP IN GUILDS: Lead Raids with companions and battle against supervisors like the Rancor and AAT Tank when you make an adjustable Guild

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    Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 - Fever on!

    LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA

    File size

    10 M+

    About App

    Remember the system’s most noteworthy experience in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ for portable! Play as the chivalrous characters from the film, including Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, and BB-8, just as Kylo Ren and General Hux.

    Features –
    • LEGO Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ presents invigorating ongoing interaction mechanics at no other time accessible in a LEGO game including: Multi-Builds, Blaster Battles and improved flight arrangements.
    • Choose from numerous structure choices with the new Multi-Builds framework to tackle riddles, or just to have a good time. All activities advance the involvement with various ways.
    • Leverage your environmental elements as cover and take part in extraordinary Blaster Battles to drive back the tenacious First Order and arise triumphant.
    • Experience the excitement of fast, activity pressed flight more than ever, including field based aeronautical fights and dogfights.
    • Enjoy every new level and characters with the acquisition of the All Content Season Pass. Energizing substance will be carrying out during that time

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    Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 - Fever on!

    Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges

    File size

    1 M+

    About App

    Presently stir your inward Jedi with Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges, a cell phone fueled Star Wars™ increased reality experience.

    Features –
    • Discover remarkable difficulties across different planets – Naboo, Garel, Lothal, Hoth, and Takodana
    • Experience natural scenes in holographic AR highlighting characters and situations from Star Wars Rebels™, Star Wars™: Episode V – Empire Strikes Back, The Phantom Menace, Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, and that’s just the beginning
    • Perfect your lightsaber abilities by taking on the absolute most threatening scoundrels the clouded side has to bring to the table, ably avoiding, impeding, and assaulting adversaries
    • Defeat swarms of Battle Droids, Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, and other recognizable soldiers in progressively testing waves in Assault Mode
    • Face-off in 1-on-1 lightsaber duels against key scalawags like Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Seventh Sister, and then some
    Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 - Fever on!

    Galaxy Hoppers: Crossy Wars

    File size

    1 M+

    About App

    Star in the cosmic system’s most epic unending street crossing game! It is Super difficult, however a good time for any age!

    Features –
    • Fight with companions for the most elevated internet based score!
    • Randomly made levels (never play exactly the same thing twice!)
    • Challenging situations!
    • Destructible climate!
    • Awesome program of saints with remarkable capacities!
    • Many shrewd adversaries!
    • Seriously Fun deterrents!
    Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 - Fever on!

    SW Battlefront Companion

    File size

    1 M+

    About App

    Regardless of whether you are in a world far, far away or nearer to home, prepare for the fight to come with the authority Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Companion application. Including the essential game, Base Command, the Companion allows you to acquire in-game Credits that open Star Cards, blasters, and more in Star Wars Battlefront.

    Features –
    • BASE COMMAND: Play this essential Star Wars™ game whenever, anyplace to acquire Credits for Star Wars Battlefront
    • STATS and PROGRESSION: Get a total outline of your Star Wars Battlefront vocation and realize what’s left for you to finish
    • STAR CARDS and BLASTERS: Marvel at your assortment of opened Star Cards and Blasters, and utilize hard-procured Credits to open and redesign new ones
    • STAY CONNECTED: See your PSN, Xbox Live, or Origin companions continuously and get told when they begin playing Star Wars Battlefront
    • INCOMING TRANSMISSIONS: Receive in-application and pop-up messages to get refreshes on significant Star Wars Battlefront news, and reports on what your companions – or enemies – are up to
    Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 - Fever on!

    Star Wars™: Card Trader by Topps®

    File size

    1 M+

    About App

    Experience an existence where you collect and exchange your number one Star Wars characters, weapons, space apparatus, significant minutes, and more with Star Wars fans across the cosmic system! Presenting Star Wars™: Card Trader by Topps.

    Features –
    • NEW advanced collectibles accessible consistently!
    • Claim FREE every day extra bunches of computerized collectibles
    • Claim FREE cash to expand pack-opening force!
    • Track and complete sets to acquire collectible honors!
    • Trade with fans all throughout the planet – whenever, anyplace!
    • Combine cards to get restricted, uncommon cards!

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    Top 6 Star Wars Games for Android in 2022 - Fever on!
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