Best 7 Security Camera Apps for Android in 2022

    Security is required everywhere you go. People always make sure that their houses are safe and secured in every day before leaving. How can you keep your house or office secure when you are away. A lock will not be enough. You will be needing surveillance. Try on these below-mentioned security camera apps for android.

    These security camera apps are easy to use. You can create your smartphone into a security camera using these apps. Real-time surveillance. The secure and safe way. These apps are very easy to set up. Must try these security camera apps and keep your place secure.

    List of Best Top Apps

    Which App people are using in same category?

    Elders have said, it is important to take opinions from a lot of people before starting to do anything new. So, we have prepared a graph for comparing how many percentage of people use which of the apps. Do checkout, and choose the best app for your purpose now..!!

    CCTV Camera Recorder

    File size

    1 M+

    About App

    CCTV permits you to record recordings in foundation mode or when the telephone is locked. This application is extremely helpful for catching recordings and is the best application accessible in the Android market for video recorder with cool components.

    Features –
    • Easy to use 
    • Free to Use it and Enjoy.
    • Security usage

    AtHome Camera – phone as remote monitor

    File size

    5 M+

    About App

    Presently support humen detecting ! You will get a pop-up message with enlivened GIF pictures when recognizes humen from video transfers , considerably more precise than customary movement recognition.

    Features –
    • No more bogus cautions because of cutting edge AI and Deep Learning innovation used to recognize movement set off by people rather than shadows, lights, and so on
    • Remote observing in a hurry: observe live streaming by means of 3G/4G or WiFi network from anyplace at whenever;
    • Enhanced Night Vision: In a lower lighting condition, turn on the “Night Vision” mode will get you a  much clear and upgraded video picture.
    • Two-way Talk: speak with individuals and pets utilizing the underlying mic and speaker;

    Checkout More –

    Make your old phone as Home Security Camera

    File size

    1 M+

    About App

    Do you have old Android cell phone or tablets that you are not utilizing and assembling dust in your drawer?
    How about you reuse them as High Quality Home Security Camera for Free? Don’t have to purchase a costly and slow new home surveillance camera.

    Features –
    • Connect surveillance camera from anyplace and at whenever you need!
    • Watch 1080p HD Live Video and Listen to bi-directional great Audio
    • Enhanced Secure Connection!

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    Security camera for smartphones, Lexis Cam

    File size

    100 K+

    About App

    With the application Lexis Cam you can utilize an Android gadget as a security and live camera. Movement location permits 24-hour checking. The recordings are communicated to the DropBox server by means of the Internet (WiFi, 3G/4G LTE) and a notice is shipped off at least one gadgets. Lexis Cam transforms any Android telephone into a movement finder, looking for unforeseen visitors and undesirable interlopers.

    Features –
    • Realtime live video perception
    • Motion location
    • Babyphone or pet perception
    • No membership or month to month charges!

    Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones

    File size

    5 M+

    About App

    WardenCam transforms your extra cell phones and tablets into home surveillance cameras that you can watch while you are away. You can see live streaming, and previous occasions through movement caught accounts

    Features –
    • Works anyplace with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE
    • Motion identification and cautions (pop-up message and email)
    • Free distributed storage (straightforwardly to your Google Drive or Dropbox)
    • Replay accounts, to perceive what you missed

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    Security Camera CZ

    File size

    500 K+

    About App

    Transform your old cell phone or tablet into home surveillance camera – this application is solely intended for parental (counting family) observing or undertaking the board. You can utilize it as child screen, senior consideration camera or pet camera. With two way argue capacity and night vision it is ideal for all above purposes.

    Features –
    • Exceptional protection from bogus alerts.
    • Live HD video and video recording.
    • Two way argue work.
    • Zoom, night vision and light provisions.

    Alfred Home Security Camera: Baby Monitor & Webcam

    Varies with device
    File size

    10 M+

    About App

    More than 30 million families all throughout the planet have picked Alfred Camera to get their home. We are the world’s generally well known and first class application for home security.

    Features –

    How to Install an Application from Bestopapps?

    • Choose the best application from the list.
    • Click “Download” in the application you have chosen.
    • This will redirect to a third-party website, where application is listed, such as Google play store. Click on “Install“.
    • This will start downloading the application. After application is downloaded, you can click on “Open” or “Play” to run the application.

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