Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 – Be Fit and Fine!

Is changing your lifestyle for a healthier one on your agenda? Then turn your attention to your smartphone. Your smartphone can be your new fitness trainer, counselor as well as a dietician. Download and install health apps for calorie measurement, weight loss and fitness goals. With these health apps, be well equipped to lose those extra kilos and be healthy and fit always.

Easily add and edit the items you want to manage such as daily steps, activity time, and body weight. We can set goals and customize our personal weight, nutrition & fitness goals. Learn From Experts – Hit the goals faster with daily coaching from Meal & Workout Plans. We can also track our health data with a nutrition calculator.

List of Best Top Apps

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Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 - Be Fit and Fine!

Samsung Health

File size

1 G+

About App

Samsung Health has different elements to help you manage health. As the application permits you to naturally record numerous exercises, making a solid way of life is simpler and more straightforward than at any other time.

Features –
  • Check different wellbeing records on the Samsung Health home screen
  • Easily add and alter the things that you need to oversee like day by day steps, action time, and body weight, just by long squeezing the screen
  • Samsung Health assists you with recording and deal with your wellness exercises, like running, cycling, swimming, and so forth
  • Also, Galaxy Watch wearables client would now be able to practice all the more viably through Life Fitness, Technogym and Corehealth
  • Develop smart dieting propensities with Samsung Health, with which you can record your dinners and snacks each day

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Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 - Be Fit and Fine!

Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Varies with device
File size

50 M+

About App

Exercises that get your heart siphoning more diligently have colossal medical advantages for your heart and psyche. You will procure one Heart Point for every moment of moderate movement like hustling when strolling your canine, and twofold focuses for more serious exercises like running.

Features –
Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 - Be Fit and Fine!

Health Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer

File size

1 M+

About App

Wellbeing Pal assists you with keeping up your body sound and Fit. It Records and administrators your day by day exercises like Walking, Exercise, Calories, Water utilization to accomplish and lead a solid way of life.

Features –
  • Automatically records your strolling step counts, distance and calories
  • Built-In Real time Pedometer just as manual logging of steps
  • Daily strolling measurements and Graph
  • Calories, strolling speed, Distance are determined in genuine time✓ Reminds you consistently to drink water.
  • Diet update advises you to eat, Lunch and Dinner on schedule
Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 - Be Fit and Fine!

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

File size

50 M+

About App

MyFitnessPal gives access to the greatest food data set accessible—more than 14 million food sources, including worldwide cooking and eatery things—making it simple to log all that you eat!

Features –
  • Log Meals and Activity – Innovative apparatuses make food and exercise logging speedy and simple
  • Set Goals – Customize your own weight, nourishment and wellness objectives
  • Track Your Progress – See the present advancement initially, or dissect your sustenance and calories exhaustively
  • Learn From Experts – Hit your objectives quicker with day by day training from Meal and Workout Plans
  • Stay Inspired – 250+ sound plans and 150+ exercises keep schedules new and fun
  • Connect With Community – Find companions, inspiration, backing and tips in our dynamic gatherings
Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 - Be Fit and Fine!

Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter

Varies with device
File size

1 M+

About App

Wellbeing Infinity is an across the board wellbeing and wellness tracker that helps reach your wellbeing objectives, get in shape, settle on better food decisions and keep you fit.

Features –
  • Set objectives for – Weight misfortune, Weight gain, Macronutrients, Calories, Water admission, Sleep time and Daily advance count
  • Eat better with worked in Calorie Counter with more than 2 Million food sources
  • Create custom food sources and dinners
  • Get Reminders to assist you with drinking sufficient water
  • Track more than 100 exercises, activities and exercises. Track another movement and see the calories consumed progressively utilizing action tracker
  • Record GPS-based exercises with exact details like speed, course, distance and calories consumed
Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 - Be Fit and Fine!

Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Dietitians, Trainers

File size

10 M+

About App

HealthifyMe is a wellbeing and wellness application that gives weight reduction diet plans and fitness coaches. With a simple Google Fit and Samsung Health joining, it keeps you fit consistently.

Features –
  • Lose weight with an individual eating regimen intend to fabricate insusceptibility and accomplish wellbeing and wellness objectives. HealthifyMe makes an eating regimen graph and feast organizer from your wellbeing information and BMI so you know precisely how to approach your eating routine and exercise
  • Eat sound with your sustenance and calorie adding machine! Log dinners with a touch, actually take a look at your macros, or just snap a picture of your lunch. Access the biggest information base of Indian food varieties including worldwide cooking styles and solid plans, from dal to dosa, with Indian serving sizes
  • Count calories: see your wellbeing information, weight reduction, fat misfortune progress and every day calories initially. Make calorie counting a propensity while you start smart dieting propensities
  • Track your wellbeing information with a sustenance number cruncher that separates protein, fiber and sugar consumption with exact large scale supplement planning
  • Get customized wellbeing and weight reduction ideas 24* 7 from Ria, the world’s first AI-fueled nutritionist, driven by more than 200 Million food and rec center logs. Find moment solutions, experiences, and criticism on your eating routine arrangement and exercises

How to Install an Application from Bestopapps?

  • Choose the best application from the list.
  • Click “Download” in the application you have chosen.
Top 6 Health Apps for Android in 2022 - Be Fit and Fine!
  • This will redirect to a third-party website, where application is listed, such as Google play store. Click on “Install“.
  • This will start downloading the application. After application is downloaded, you can click on “Open” or “Play” to run the application.

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