[Latest] Top 8 GIF Maker Apps for Android in 2023

Using emojis and stickers while chatting is an old trend. Now it is time for GIFs. GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. You can take them as moving images. Using GIFs can make your chat experience more fun and interactive. Below mentioned are a few best GIF-maker apps for android.

Using these GIF maker apps you can easily create GIFs from images or videos on your device. From these GIF maker apps, you can directly share your created GIFs with your friends on any social media platform. Try on these GIF maker apps and explore your fun side.

Best GIF Maker App for Android in 2023

The best GIF maker app out of all others is GIPHY: GIF & Sticker Keyboard & Maker. It is the world’s biggest library of free GIFs, Clips, and Stickers! GIPHY for iOS is the quickest, most straightforward way of looking at and offering sort structure content and energized responses across every one of your #1 social channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

List of Best Top Apps

GIF Maker – GIF Editor

File size

5 M+

About App


Features –
  • Cut video, crop video before make GIF.
  • Add more than 200 picture to make GIF.
  • Edit your GIF before save.
  • Add name with text style, color,…

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Ez GIF Maker: GIF Maker, Video to GIF, GIF Editor

File size

50 K+

About App

Ez GIF Maker is a free, easy to utilize toolset planned fundamentally for making and altering enlivened GIFs. We offer a huge load of gif-related elements, like the most famous pictures to GIF, video to GIF, crop GIF, pivot GIF. Not just that, we additionally support going gif to mp4, split gif into pictures.

Features –
  • Trim video to restrict the GIF length
  • Combine various pictures to one GIF
  • Record video from camera and convert to GIF
  • Make/Edit GIF with high velocity, superior grade. You can handle the speed of the GIF, add text, add channels, crop, add progress bars, change the foundation tone, and so forth

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Easy GIF: GIF Editor, GIF Maker, Reface, Video GIF

File size

100 K+

About App

Simple GIF is a straightforward gif maker application for Android. Make amusing gif of your companions right away and offer with them.
You can look over a web-based display of gifs which we continue to refresh with new gifs.

Features –
  • GIF Face Swap(Reface – amusing GIF)
  • Easy to make GIF
  • Edit in excess of 150 casings all at once
  • GIF Loop (forward in reverse speed)
  • GIF to Video

GifGuru – GIF maker, GIF editor , GIF camera

File size

1 M+

About App

Make a GIF picture with your own photos: you can change over 200 pictures/pictures to one GIF. Join numerous pictures to one GIF without any problem.

Features –
  • Export straightforwardly in GIF with HD mode.
  • Search and get the GIFs you like by Giphy rather than DIY.
  • Put GIFs from your exhibition/collection inside the GIF you’re altering.
  • Cut, crop, change, flip pictures with custom viewpoint proportion of GIFs.

ImgPlay – GIF Maker

File size

500 K+

About App

ImgPlay application is the most straightforward way of making GIFs utilizing photographs and videos. It is intended for everybody to make GIFs easily.
ImgPlay will make each snapshot of your photographs and recordings completely alive.

Features –
  • You can change over recordings saved in Gallery to GIF.
  • You can choose various photographs to change them over to a solitary GIF or make a straightforward slideshow.
  • Use this when you need to alter the GIF saved in your Gallery. You can alter existing GIFs to. make them more interesting.

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GIF Maker – Video to GIF, GIF Editor

File size

1 M+

About App

It is safe to say that you are searching for a product to play with GIF? GIF Maker is a most ideal decision for you.

Features –
  • Convert from video to GIF
  • Screen recorder to GIF
  • Convert from Images to GIF
  • Meme creator instrument

GIPHY: GIF & Sticker Keyboard & Maker

File size

50 M+

About App

The world’s biggest library of free GIFs, Clips, and Stickers! GIPHY for iOS is the quickest, most straightforward way of looking and offer sort structure content and energized responses across every one of your #1 social channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Features –
  • From every one of your top picks like HBO, Drake, Rihanna, Comedy Central and MTV, find the universe of mainstream society – images, TV, Movies, Music and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Catch every one of the features from your number one games associations, grant shows, and continuous minutes
  • Text your companions stunning GIFs, Stickers and Clips

GIF Maker, GIF Editor

Varies with device
File size

10 M+

About App

GIF Maker, across the board free GIF application. You would now be able to make and alter enlivened GIF in your style, without a watermark, and in high quality. It’s not difficult to utilize, has a delightful and clear interface, yet gives amazing assets and rich provisions. Dim and light subjects are upheld too.

Features –
  • Convert a video clasp to a GIF picture.
  • Combine various pictures into one GIF picture.
  • Take a video with your camera and convert it to a GIF picture.
  • Record screen video and convert to GIF.

Unique Features Of [Latest] Top 8 GIF Maker Apps for Android in 2023

  1. Free: A GIF maker app should definitely be free of cost because a user will obviously not spend on making GIFs to send it to their friends digitally. It is mostly considered worthless by the users to spend on such apps. Moreover, a free-of-cost app does not add burden upon the pocket of the user who is already spending a phone internet connection.
  2. Easy To Use: In addition to all the above features, the most Cardinal feature is that a GIF maker app should be easy to use. The user should be able to make a sticker in no time. Just add a picture from your device, crop it, add text and make your sticker. Send it to your contacts and enjoy.
  3. Search & Explore:  Find the perfect GIF from the world’s largest library of animated GIFs & Clips in a GIF maker app. A GIF maker app should make available all your favorites like HBO, Drake, happy, sad, good morning, Rihanna, Comedy Central, and MTV, discover the world of pop culture – memes, TV, Movies, Music, and more types of GIFs. Catch all the highlights from your favorite sports leagues, award shows, and real-time moments
  4. Creation Tools: Create your own GIFs with the best GIF maker apps, or by uploading your own. Create your own shareable GIFs with custom face filters and animated text creation tools.
    Create and share your GIFs, ornamented with the most unique features.
  5. Convert Media to GIF: A user should be allowed to crop and edit videos to GIF. At the same time, there should also be a feature enabling the conversion of pictures into GIFs. This is the most exclusive feature of a GIF app that makes it customizable and entertaining.

Steps To Use [Latest] Top 8 GIF Maker Apps for Android in 2023

Step 1: Download the app. Grant all the permissions required to run the app. Agree to the terms and conditions. The permissions include permission to access your media and gallery or folders of the device because a picture or video may be exported to the app.

Step 2: Go to create GIF icon to create a GIF Add an image or video from the device. Once the images are uploaded on the app, crop the image or video. Add the text of your choice in the font of your choice. And click on the next button, and your GIF will be created.

Step 3: you can save this GIF that you have created in your drafts or you can also save it on your device. But the most unique and best feature is that you can add these GIFs to your chatting app. Click on add GIF option and choose an app such as WhatsApp or telegram. When you will open that app, the GIF option in that app will display these GIFs created by you.

Step 4: To search for any GIF, go to the search bar. Type the GIF you are looking for. For example, heraa Pheri, funny, romantic, good morning wishes, etc. The results will be displayed. Repeat the same process as above to save or share these GIFs.

Step 5: To share the app, click on the share app. Choose the platform where you wish to share the app and select the contact. Click on Share. This step was essential to mention because once you will send these stickers to your friend they will definitely ask you about the source.

How to Install an Application from Bestopapps?

  • Choose the best application from the list.
  • Click “Download” in the application you have chosen.
  • This will redirect to a third-party website, where the application is listed, such as the google play store. Click on “Install“.
  • This will start downloading the application. After downloading the application, you can click on “Open” or “Play” to run the application.

Conclusion –

We hope you liked the articles on [Latest] Top 8 GIF Maker Apps for Android in 2023. We tried to cover every aspect of how you can choose the best GIF Maker App for Android for your use. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

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