Best 8 Dentist Games for Android in 2022

    There are many doctor and dentist games for android which you can play and learn few basics and concepts. These games are quiet fun and knowledgeable. You can try below-mentioned dentist games for android.

    These dentist games are easy to play. Treat your patients accordingly. Real issues and problems with teeth of patients. Learn some basics. Fun way to learn. Must try these dentist games for android.

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    Dentist Games Inc: Dental Care Free Doctor Games

    File size

    100 K+

    About App

    Welcome to the virtual dental specialist clinic free specialist games ! The genuine dental specialist free games in market. Best specialist test system dental specialist games you get an opportunity to help your dental medical procedure games patients to demonstrate that you are a super dental specialist in dental specialist games, genuine virtual medical procedure test system games and make them solid once more

    Features –
    • Help your patients by performing practical dental specialist medical procedures
    • Clean the oral depression for your patients for feel cheerful
    • Extract terrible hole teeth and fix with products ones
    • Put on shading and stamp on teeth with your #1 plan
    • Tons of various levels and exercises to play.

    Masha and the Bear: Free Dentist Games for Kids

    File size

    10 M+

    About App

    Hooray!! New instructive games for kids! Free dental specialist game, where Masha and the Bear will treat terrible teeth with other animals! Fascinating dentistry with characters of the most loved Masha and the Bear animation. These are genuinely instructive games for youngsters, where we will clean teeth of the most loved animation characters!

    Features –
    • Animal dental games for young ladies will help how to clean creature’s teeth and care for them. 
    • Everyone will partake in a straightforward interface of our youngsters games!
    • Educational children games for young ladies

    Doctor Kids: Dentist

    File size

    500 K+

    About App

    Specialist Kids: Dentist – Your kid is a genuine dental specialist, under the direction of which there is a medical clinic for creatures. Is that your fantasy? Presently you get an opportunity to treat those helpless patients at the facility in this dental specialist game!

    Features –
    • More than 8 stunning creatures in the game, they have insane teeth issues and are sitting tight for you.
    • Provide plentiful teeth cleaning apparatuses, shading painting brush and more to cause you to be an incredible dental specialist.
    • Not just a dental specialist game yet in addition a class brimming with information to assist you with fostering a beneficial routine of ensuring teeth. It likewise shows you how to be an extraordinary dental specialist!

    Crazy dentist games with surgery and braces

    File size

    10 M+

    About App

    Have you ever longed for turning into a super children dental specialist? Make your fantasies work out as expected with Crazy dental specialist! Where you can encounter being a very insane child dental specialist in clinic brimming with insane specialists, fix patient or utilize every one of your abilities to do the craziest medical procedure of all time!

    Features –
    • Select your patient with awful teeth for dental therapy
    • Scan the teeth to decide the condition
    • Clean it and eliminate cavities and parasite with clinical hardware
    • Brush the teeth, clean it with water then, at that point, suck out the additional water

    Fun Mouth Doctor, Dentist Game

    Varies with device
    File size

    500 K+

    About App

    Turning into a dental specialist can be a fun and compensating profession, and with this great mouth specialist game you will get the opportunity to perceive what a dental specialist medical procedure will do in their training. With this game you will flush the mouth, eliminate any tacky sweets, clean the yellow teeth, eliminate plaque, lessen the swallow gums, alongside pulling out the dark spoiled teeth

    Features –
    • Spray the mouth up with water so it can flush out any awful microbes
    • Remove any overabundance candy from the teeth with the little dental processor
    • Clean the teeth with an uncommon pick to eliminate any plaque from around the gums
    • Scrub the yellow teeth with the toothbrush to assist with making them overall quite perfect
    • Remove the little skimming microscopic organisms from mouth with the utilization of a unique light

    Dentist games

    File size

    10 M+

    About App

    Become a dental specialist and assist our companions with having a sound mouth. Brian, Katie, Frank and Peter have gone to the dental center for you to assist them with cleaning their teeth, put fillings or fix broken teeth. Your kids might perform dental medicines and play as specialists dental specialists.

    Features –
    • Different number of patients with loads of dental issues
    • Remove all hints of caries
    • Extract rotted teeth
    • Dental blanching

    Children’s doctor : dentist.

    File size

    50 M+

    About App

    Kids’ primary care physician – we as a whole love when individuals around us grin. We become well and cheerful when somebody on the road gives us a grin. Be that as it may, for a grin to be delightful, you need to take great consideration of your teeth. This applies to your pets, on the grounds that in youth they were intended for each child. Like individuals, they additionally once in a while need to treat their teeth.

    Features –
    • Our games for youngsters, like a dental specialist, will show them not exclusively to treat their pets with affection and care
    • Developing games for kids, like a veterinarian, add to the general improvement of your child. 
    • You need to treat them in a genuine dental office, utilize different clinical instruments

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