Top 7 Best Apps to Control your Android Device from PC in 2023

With improved technology, working across devices is now easy. We might need to work on programs on the big screen that are on our phones. That might be responding to text messages on various social media to playing games on a big screen. Here, you can easily control your android device from a PC. There are many apps available for the same to download.

Screen sharing and complete remote control of other devices are made possible. Sound and HD video transmission is now possible in real time. We can fully control and manage the device directly from the PC or even the Web wirelessly. Share work with a group through streaming on big screens. We can easily play games on a PC with a dedicated app for the same.

Best App to Control your Android Device from PC in 2023

The best out of all other apps to Control your Android Device from a PC in 2023 is AnyDesk Remote Control. It is the quickest and most reasonable Remote Control Software. It is easy to use. Moreover, it is free of cost. the best part is it can be accessed offline.

List of Best Top Apps

Vysor – Android control on PC

File size

1 M+

About App

Vysor allows you to view and control Android on your PC. Use applications, mess around, control your Android with mouse and console. Go remote, and mirror your Android to your work area; extraordinary for introductions.

Features –
  • Control your Android gadget from a PC, Mac, ChromeOS and then some
  • Dedicated work area application
  • Set up gadget ranches and distantly investigate and test applications

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AirDroid: Remote access & File

File size

10 M+

About App

AirDroid is the best portable administration suite, it empowers you to move records across various stages, mirror and controller cell phones, get and answer to messages on the PC. AirDroid helps you to completely control and deal with the gadget straightforwardly from the PC or even the Web remotely.

Features –
  • Supports moving a wide range of documents across various stages like Windows, Mac, Linux, and cell phones, on a similar organization and even distantly
  • Mirror your Android gadgets to pc remotely, so you can impart your screen to your understudies or accomplices
  • Take full control of your Android gadgets, without establishing your gadgets, simply need to associate with the AirDroid PC customer for a quick setting
  • The element can assist you with seeing from the perspective of both front and back cameras, screen the climate around the gadget progressively.
  • SMS and Contacts the executives

AirMirror: Remote support & Remote control devices

File size

1 M+

About App

Single direction Audio is accessible in Screen Mirroring and Remote Cameras. Single direction Audio permits us to hear all the encompassing sounds from your distant gadget.

Features –
  • Directly control another telephone/tablet, do whatever you like, regardless of where this gadget is
  • Access one more telephone’s view from either the front camera or back camera
  • Quick Connection by 9-digit Connection Code
  • Clear voice correspondence
  • Communicate through sending messages, pictures and voice messages

AnyDesk Remote Control

File size

10 M+

About App

AnyDesk is the quickest and most reasonable Remote Control Software on the planet! Access your gadgets on all stages: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Features –
  • All your applications, records and settings – consistently and right away accessible.
  • Quickly join your group and work on text, pictures or source code. Accomplish all the more together
  • One-tick unattended access, setting up an associate’s printer or sending another device in your specialty is a breeze
  • Work without a hitch, without a stammering show because of consistent 60 fps
  • Innovative new Codec to accomplish the quickest far off work area experience
  • Enjoy smooth meetings at paces of only 100 kB/s. In any event, when working over cell information!

TeamViewer Remote Control

File size

50 M+

About App

Remote into another PC, cell phone or tablet, while you are on the road!
TeamViewer gives simple, quick and secure remote access and is as of now utilized on more than 1 billion gadgets around the world.

Features –
  • Screen sharing and complete controller of different gadgets
  • Intuitive touch and control motions
  • File move in the two ways
  • Computers and Contacts the executives
  • Chat
  • Sound and HD video transmission progressively

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ApowerMirror – Screen Mirroring for PC/TV/Phone

File size

5 M+

About App

ApowerMirror is an amazing screen reflecting application is utilized to reflect telephones to PC, Mac, TV, and other cell phones like telephones and tablets. It permits you to associate and mirror your telephone to PC through USB or WiFi, and distantly control Android from PC or Mac utilizing your mouse and console.

Features –
  • Mirror Android to PC with sound
  • Cast telephone to TV
  • Cloud reflecting – screen reflect over the air
  • Display telephone to telephone or tablet
  • Mirror PC to telephone or tablet

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TCGames-Mirror&Control Android Phone

File size

500 K+

About App

TC Games is an application that reflects your Android screen onto your PC, permitting you to play Android games on PC with a console and mouse. The application brags very low CPU use and stable execution, supporting every single versatile game. It has numerous different provisions, including screen recording and multi-use keymapping so you can assume complete responsibility for your games.

Features –
  • Android telephone projection
  • USB/WiFi association
  • Control your telephone with your mouse
  • Official default keymapping download (for select games)
  • Custom keymapping: set your own controls
  • Type on your telephone utilizing the console

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Unique Features of Apps to Control your Android Device

  1. Screen Sharing: Android device control apps should enable the user to share their Android device’s screen with their PC. This feature is most elementary and is useful whenever the user wants to display something on their Android device to someone on a bigger screen. This is a really important feature of such an app.
  2. File Transfer: The transfer of files is another basic purpose of downloading such an app. So remote control apps should allow you to transfer files between your Android device and PC. This feature is useful if you need to transfer a file from your Android device to your PC, or vice versa conveniently. This method is better than using Bluetooth or a data cable.
  3. Remote Access: These apps should allow you to access your Android device from anywhere. The only sine qua non is an internet connection. This means you can control your Android device even if you’re not in the same room as it.
  4. Personalization: Android control apps usually should have features of personalization. This includes screen resolution, quality, and frame rate. Users should be allowed to adjust these settings to optimize their remote control experience based on their network speed and device capabilities.
  5. Multi-Platform Support: Android control apps should have multi-platform support or cross-function support which means you can use them on different operating systems. This is an exceptional and excellent feature.

Steps to Use Apps to Control your Android Device

Step 1: Download the app from the Appstore. Grant all the permissions required to run the app. Open the app and begin to customize your notification bar.

Step 2: Once you’ve installed the app on your Android device, download and install the same app on your PC. You can download apps on a PC by using the app website or app store.

Step 3: Connect your Android device and PC to the same network. Both Android devices and PC should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Open the remote control app on your PC. Launch the app. Click on the connect button and enter the IP address or any other detail required of your Android device when prompted on your PC.

Step 5: Now you can use your PC’s keyboard and mouse to navigate through your Android device and use its apps. You can also transfer files, play videos and do much more using these apps.

How to Install an Application from Bestopapps?

  • Choose the best application from the list.
  • Click “Download” in the application you have chosen.
  • This will redirect to a third-party website, where the application is listed, such as the google play store. Click on “Install“.
  • This will start downloading the application. After downloading the application, you can click on “Open” or “Play” to run the application.

Conclusion –

We hope you liked the articles on the Top 7 best apps to Control your Android Device from PC in 2023. We tried to cover every aspect of how you can choose the best App to Control your Android Device from your PC in 2023 for your use. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

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